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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
*☆~Simply Furry~☆*

Simply a furry guild for anyone to join. MLP fans welcome too!

Tags: Furry, My Little Pony, MLP FIM, Role Playing, Anthro

Lunea Shnolf Private 44 5
Shadow bolts - Luna's elite squad!

We are few, we are the best, we are the Shadowbolts!

Soarin the Great Public 6 1

My Little Pony roleplay, disscussion, and more!

Tags: mlp, fim, my little pony, ponies, friendship is magic, equestria, roleplay, yaoi, yuri, art, music, cosplay, toys, highschool, college, university, romance, unicorn, contests, gold, brony, love

Chiiyahime Private 359 36
Ponies[MLP:FIM Guild]

MLP:FIM, 'Nuff said.

Tags: Pony, Brony, Ponies, Friendship, Bronies

SpikTheDagron Public 1,386 6
MLP FiM Equestrian Tales

A place to roleplay in the land of Equestria

Tags: Magic, Friendship, My Little Pony, Roleplay

pkmnmoon6 Public 754 20
Cutie Mark Crusaders

ED's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Guild

Tags: My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, Cutie Mark Crusaders

TANRailgun Public 2,198 50
My Little Pony: Adventures in Ponyville

An RP and hangout guild for fans of MLP:FiM o^.^o

Tags: Roleplay, My Little Pony, Character, Ponies, Brony

Royal Princess Cadenza Public 5,512 226
A Different Kind of Pony-verse

Not your average MLP: FiM premise...

Tags: My Little Pony, MLP fim, Friendship is Magic, Roleplay

Steot Public 32 9
My Little Pony:A Pony Guild

This is a guild for Role Playing and discussing My Little Pony, We can also share art maybe even request it :3

Tags: My little pony, Brony, Pegasister, MLP FiM, Friendship is magic

Tamara Dancer Public 2,212 151

come on everypony and join us for fun!

Tags: MLP FIM, Bronies, pegasisters, Role Play, My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic

Nyota Mwuaji Public 2,395 31
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