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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Kingdom Hearts Reloaded

Come fellow Nobodies and Somebodies

Tags: kingdom hearts, organization, disney, final fantasy

Axel_from_Demyx_Time Private 1,000 34
The Ian and Louie Alliance

For all things Louie and Ian! A predetermined alliance of brotherhood.

Tags: Pie Hard, Louie Ian, vampires, brothers, Rufus

DMMegsie Private 771 442
The Official Louie Von Helson Fan Club Guild ChihayatheBlackAngel Private 7,830 231
Louie Von Helson Fan Club

Great,fun hotness! Loadsof fun and fanfiction.

Tags: Louie, Helson, vampire

Kumori Kitsune787 Public 274 92
the official Louie x Moira fan Guild NocturnalWeapon Public 292 15
A Nightmare in Blood

Vampyres and eccentrics. Durem Only.

Tags: Vampyre, Blood, RolePlay, Smexay, Durem

Arionis Chambers Public 68,253 105
x-men school

x-men school

Tags: x-men, role playing

TheLethologica Public 3,511 27
-~{'The Kings Own' South Durem 96th Light Infantry}~-

Tags: Royal, Army, Gaia, Waring, Protect

Admiral Lord Cochrane Public 28 5
Louie for Moira

Louie Von Helson love's Moria. The Vampier and the punk (NPC)

Tags: Love, Relationship, Louie Von Helson, Moira, Gaiaonline

Yuna of spheres Public 32 26
Gaian Fandoms

NPC Fandoms, Shopkeeper Fandoms, and Rig Fandoms all alike are welcomed here!

Tags: Gaia, Fandom, Tumblr, fangirl, fanboy

VVoIfeh Public 1 1
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