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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Official Louie Von Helson Fan Club Guild ChihayatheBlackAngel Private 7,830 231
The Ian and Louie Alliance

For all things Louie and Ian! A predetermined alliance of brotherhood.

Tags: Pie Hard, Louie Ian, vampires, brothers, Rufus

DMMegsie Private 771 442
Louie Von Helson Fan Club

Great,fun hotness! Loadsof fun and fanfiction.

Tags: Louie, Helson, vampire

Kumori Kitsune787 Public 274 92
the official Louie x Moira fan Guild NocturnalWeapon Public 292 15
A Nightmare in Blood

Vampyres and eccentrics. Durem Only.

Tags: Vampyre, Blood, RolePlay, Smexay, Durem

Arionis Chambers Public 68,256 105
Kingdom Hearts Reloaded

Come fellow Nobodies and Somebodies

Tags: kingdom hearts, organization, disney, final fantasy

Axel_from_Demyx_Time Private 1,000 34
x-men school

x-men school

Tags: x-men, role playing

TheLethologica Public 3,511 27
-~{'The Kings Own' South Durem 96th Light Infantry}~-

Tags: Royal, Army, Gaia, Waring, Protect

Admiral Lord Cochrane Public 28 5
Louie for Moira

Louie Von Helson love's Moria. The Vampier and the punk (NPC)

Tags: Love, Relationship, Louie Von Helson, Moira, Gaiaonline

Yuna of spheres Public 32 26
Gaian Fandoms

NPC Fandoms, Shopkeeper Fandoms, and Rig Fandoms all alike are welcomed here!

Tags: Gaia, Fandom, Tumblr, fangirl, fanboy

VVoIfeh Public 1 2
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