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The Lolita Society.

Tags: gothic lolita, japanese fashion, lolita

-Lolita_Kana- Private 26,236 1,052
~♔~The Gothic Lolita Guild~♔~

Tags: Goth, Roleplay

Lady Wayneright Private 701 70
Kawaii Desu Ne?

A guild for cute fashion, foods, everything CUTE!

Tags: Cute, Kawaii, Sweets, Lolita, Anime

Berethiel Private 156 33
Oh that reminds me...

General PL Guild, for all your wonderful puzzling needs.

Tags: Professor, Layton, Puzzle, Shota, Legal

Lilon Public 833 38
Tea for Two

a place for japanese culrural rp, questions, and chats!

Tags: japanese, Lolita, anime

Yuki Baby and Mr Bunny Public 3,279 36
Ouran High School Host Club Rp Guild

The Guild Is Dedicated To Those Who Love The Ouran High School Host Club Mange, Anime && Anything Associated To Them

Tags: Ouran, Romance, Cake, Strawberries, Hosts

Yebat Public 3,293 168
Ruffles & Lace.

Lolita Fashion discussion and beauty tips

Tags: Fashion, Lolita, Fairy Kei, Decora, Kawaii

Kokoichii Private 50 33
♕Velveteen Rabbit Society~ A lolita guild

A guild welcoming refined and poised ladies and gentlemen who are interested in the lolita fashion.

Tags: lolita, ask questions, references, advice, chatting

CutePatoot Public 41 20
Gal On Gaia

A Guild dedicated to everything and every type of gyaru

Tags: gyaru, item list, japan, lolita, shibuya

Ovivi Public 48 16
Black Star Academy

A college/academy roleplay involving lust, love, back stabbing and all the good stuff.

Tags: Roleplaying, Romance, School, free, freaks

Negative J3T Private 27 9
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