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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
ED Politics Regulars

An apolitical guild where ED Politics regulars can [strike]socialize[/strike] privatize.

Tags: Politics, Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Socialist

Less Than Liz Public 7,327 163
The Marxist, Communist, and Socialist Guild

Formerly called the NCS, this is a place for communists and socialists to talk about communism and socialism.

Tags: Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Political, Left

Le Pere Duchesne Private 35,390 802
The Libertarian Guild High_Assassin Private 2,570 300
The Politically Incorrect Guild

For anyone who is sick of politically correct effluvium.

Tags: Conservative, Right, Libertarian, Moderate, Unrestricted

Intuet Private 5,266 93
The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy: A Guild For Conservative Gai Like That But Louder Private 1,798 62
Spontaneous Order

A guild for libertarian political discussion.

Tags: libertarianism, liberalism, politics, economics, liberty

Less Than Liz Public 1,767 73
The Conservatives of Gaia

For those Tired of a oversized goverment, for those who remember that paper called the constitution

Tags: Conservatism, Chuck norris, Reagan, William F. Buckley, common sense

Butterfly_Kloe Public 1,202 129
Freak Power Guild

An alternative to the traditional political alignments

Tags: Gonzo, Freak, Politics, Hunter S. Thompson

Director Danguy Private 1 1
The Austrian Society

For those interested in the Austrian School of economics.

Tags: anarchy, autarchy, economics, capitalism, libertarian

Gas Junkie Public 16 19
The Republican Party

Restoring Liberty and Prosperity to America

Tags: Republican, America, Politics, Prosperity, Liberty

General shadow1912 Public 353 92
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