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Cats of the Clans

Five Clans of the most powerful cats alive. Choose your alliance, or your doom.

Tags: cats, erin hunter, clans, warriors, roleplay

XxXsmexii_boyOoO Public 509 16
castle in the sky

castle in the sky is just about having fun,and having your charrie get a life.

Tags: castle in the sky, awsome, changed rp, random, the real mellan

Sugar MelMel Private 40 9
Warrior Ancestors - Lion, Tiger, Leopard

A guild that takes us back to the time of the ancient cats of Lion, Tiger and Leopard.

Tags: warriors, role play, lion, tiger, leopard

BarnOwl6-5 Public 454 29
ღ~ Forever yours ~ღ [AU/Lit]

A Guild for Beast Masters, Beasts, and Love

Tags: Beast, Master, Love, Romance, Action

Fiendish Desires Private 818 6
Silent Knights

this guild is for the kyu family we are strong, intelligent, and sexy XD this is for family sticking together as a good family should do

Tags: Knights, neko, vampire, kitsune, roll playing

SeductiveInfluence Public 7 4
Pandaryl ~ Medieval Fantasy World

Be who you wanna be, live the life you want to live in this medieval world of fantasy!

Tags: Medieval, Fantasy, Role Play, World, Diversity

AbyssusX Public 169 12
~Cats of the Clans~

A warrior cat rp. Based on the books by Erin Hunter.

Tags: warrior, cats, clan, roleplay

Thorn In Yur Side Public 7,354 24
Animal Hybrids

Welcome to the World of Life Death and Human Experimenting!!

Tags: Maximum Ride, Hybrids, Surviving, Teamwork, Revolution

Bunny Noiz Public 117 3
The big cats of the savanna

Deep in the savannah there are all sorts of creatures trying to survive in their harsh home.Some animals don't make it.Will you survive?

Tags: animals, role-playing, fighting, killing, danger

Raiinbow Sharpie Private 50 12
chibi island

this guild is about anime and role playing

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