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Results for "Landshark"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The L.A.N.D.S.H.A.R.K Hunting Guild

Like zOMG, Landsharks, and the Animated? This is the guild for you!

Tags: landshark, zomg, hunting, official, shark

Windmouse Private 3,182 568
Landshark Chasers Pie Public 50 14
zOMG! Chatterbox

Do you like zOMG? Do you like to chat? Then click here. It will be the best decision you make. Ever. EVER!!11oneoneone

Tags: zOMG, Chatterbox, Landshark, Marshall, Animated

CleoSombra Public 735,275 2,822
Lost & Found zOMG

Event going on! Check the main subforum and look for the summer event thread

Tags: zOMG, Marshall, team work, Games, landshark

i am with u all the way Private 3,235 161
Coin Catchers

A simple easy-to-use Booty Grab guild with a list of great tanks, no bells and whistles!

Tags: booty, grab, guild, gold, aquarium

Awkward Anarchy Private 39,284 2,665
ReAnimated. A zOMG! B/C shop

A guild for the the breedable and changeble pet shop, ReAnimated.

Tags: zOMG, Landshark, Kokeshi, Breedable, Pets

massrevenge Private 372 6
zOMG! Tavern

You a zOMG addict? Come here! We have activities that offer prizes for winners, and much, much more! :D

Tags: Landshark, Prizes, zOMG, Gold Beach, Games

Tamai Wolf Demon Public 842 132
ZomG Elite AlliAnceE

The ZEA guild is a place for all clans to socialize. We provide a place to discuss zOMG, sell items & even hire or sell mercenaries services

Tags: zOMG, chatter box, Gaming, Landshark, dixie

ichigo317 Public 90 44
"Gaia Elite Fury"

Fight againsts animated

Site Reporter0003 Private 5 3
zOMG Battle Brawlers

In the world of zOMG Evil has emerged little info is known about them yet are powerfull if underestimated.

Tags: battle brawlers, Zomg, landshark, rings, orbs

zaine LAWL Public 20 6
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