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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Donate? help pooor needy gains NOW!!!

please help us we all need some help sometimes

Tags: gold, helping, gaians, charity, quest

iCuddleKins Public 64 1
Manga, Anime, and Other Awesome Stuff!! [Closed]

A guild for all those manga, anime, and roleplay lovers! We also do randomly awesome contests, events, and uh...stuff!

Tags: Manga, Anime, Roleplay, Contests, Spam

pup720 Public 4,767 367
Swirly Candy Shoppe Pixle_Fairy412 Private 11,563 16
2NE1 YG Entertaiment Guild

People who enjoy the korean girl group 2NE1 sharing anything about the girls of YG

Tags: 2ne1, cl dara bom minji minzy bomi sandara, fire don't care pretty boy stay together, lollipop girls yg, bigbang KPOP

Jigkou Wa Public 3,322 673
Rajio Chaneru 1

Rajio Chaneru 1's studio.

Tags: Radio, Studio, Channel, Dummies, LOLLIPOP

Nikeru RJ1 Public 87 9
LolliPop (Roleplay) Guild

We Provide You Any Type Of Role Play Avaliable

Tags: Romance, Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Slice of Life

Kittles_Kat Public 3,855 39
☾ "A Magical World" ☽

This world has been made for you.To be who you want to be.

Tags: Magic, Sugar Sugar Rune, Save Me! Lollipop, Anime, Roleplaying

PockiiMonster_Rawr1 Public 197 39
[Turtle's] ッ [Personal Guild] [. Turtle-Grl .] Public 888 1
Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows


Tags: Friends, Socializing, Sunshine, Lollipops, Rainbows

Thy Dance Commander Public 2 2

A guild about cute things, chatting, roleplaying, making friends and so much more.

Tags: Kawaii, Cute, Adorable, J/K Pop and Drama, Anime/Roleplay

II Cutely Perverted II Public 5 5
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