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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Soragakure~ The village hidden in the skies

Tags: Naruto, Roleplay, Literate, Clan

Kusk Yutaka Private 3,097 57
The Hatazaki Clan Master Zirith Public 893 46
zOMG Crusaders

zOMG Crusaders Unite!

Tags: Final Fantasy, Chocobo Knights, Crusaders, zOMG, Justice

RobDaFob Public 4,223 873
Naruto: The Final War

We are Original...

Tags: Naruto, Kekkei Genkai, Chakra, Kunai, Konoha

Zemyx The Titan Destroyer Public 10,200 44
♫ Naruto : Rise of the Nations ♫ (Open and Accepting)


Tags: Naruto, Shinobi, Jutsu, Akatsuki, Seven Swordmen

Malevolent Bowl of Cereal Public 1,031 23
=Daggermark= Innovative Roleplays by Kunai and Friends Kaypar Public 1,089 1
Naruto and the Amulet of Time OPEN AND RECRUTING!

A tear in space and time has sucked some of Konoha 12's kids into the past where they meet their teenage parents and an old enemy...

Tags: Naruto, Shinobi, Ninja, future, Shippuuden

Anko_Shadow Public 4,348 142

We have everything you need in an RP, like.. Roleplaying. We have that.

Tags: Fantasy, Roleplay

The DREAM JESTER Public 1,185 4
~~ The Shinobi Way ~~ (Open for Rping!)

A Naruto based roleplay

Tags: Roleplay, Naruto, Ninja, Jutsu

Xxwhy_you_hatin_on_mexX Public 540 11
NEW Naruto: Shinobi Way

The wonderful world of roleplay and kindness.

Tags: Naruto, anime, manga, jutsu, ninja, romance, novel, literate, Kunai, kekkei, genkai, harem, Imagination, Creativity

pulsanovica Public 537 41
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