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The Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi Roleplay Guild

This is a guild for all Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi fans! Come talk and roleplay with fellow shippers. And don't be afraid to post some fanart and fanfic!

Tags: Yu-Gi-Oh, Yaoi, Roleplay, Anime, Community

PuppyDogJou Public 4,530 58
Konami music game fans!

For fans of Konami music games like DDR, Para Para, Pop n' music, etc

Tags: Konami, Avex, Bemani, DDR, Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Freaks,, Beat Mania, Para Para Paradise, Pop n music, drum mania, in the groove

ska-chan-punk-san Public 8 2
"Need Drug..."

A guild based on the popular video game series Silent Hill. Discuss the games here. Post theories &/or pictures. Stuck? Ask us for help!

Tags: Silent Hill, Konami, Discussion, Survival Horror, Video Game

a sexual disgrace Public 247 38
The Metal Gear Online Guild

Getting Metal Gear Online players to meet and greet and possibly create a clan together.

Tags: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Online, Playstation 3, Raiden, Old Snake

Chawlie Public 44 19
Silent Hill: [Welcome Home . . .]

Welcome back to Hell . . . This is a Silent Hill RP guild based after the events of SH 3, but other activities also take place in here.

Tags: Silent Hill, Pyramid Head, Konami, Horror, Alessa

Meditatus Sanctum Mien Public 8,662 45
Nightmared Reality

Guild for those who love Silent Hill, Haunting Ground and Resident Evil.

Tags: Games, Survival Horror, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Haunting Ground

AvatarThatNeverWas Public 2 4
PS3 Daily

Have a PS3? Join! We discuss every game for the PS3!

Tags: Playstation, Clan, Gaming, Online, Call of Duty

ddizzle94 Public 4 2
Bleach: The Dark Reign

Ichigo defeated Aizen. But something happened. He's become corrupt, power-hungry, enslaved Soul Society and the World. Can he be stopped?

Tags: Bleach, Enslaved, shinigami, corrupt, Ichigo Kurosaki

alienattacker Private 938 18
Yugioh: Duelists of the Ages

A world where Yugioh, Yugioh GX, Yugioh 5D's and maybe even Yugioh Zexal come together in one.

Tags: Yugioh, Role Play, A Childrens Card Game, School, Light to Serious

Jedu_13 Private 319 6
Diamond Dogs

A guild for fans of the Metal Gear saga.

Tags: Metal Gear Rising, Konami, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear, Snake

Vic Boss Private 7 5
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