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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Nintendo Cult!


Tags: Nintendo 3DS, Mario, MEGA MAN, Kirby, Reggie Truck

Meta_Fish Private 857,054 5,732
The Official Nintendo Guild

ONG is a guild and community specializing in Nintendo.

Tags: Nintendo, Mario, Kirby, Zelda, Pokemon

lanced90 Private 1,810 317
Kirby Giveaway Guild

Giving lots of items and gold.

Tags: Kirby, Donation, Giving, Giveaway, Free Gold

StarRodKirby Public 988 27
Roleplayer's Retreat

A place for all sorts of roleplayers to come and roleplay

Tags: Sonic the hedgehog, Pokemon, Kirby

jewel_the_hedgehog Private 9,878 7
Marvel Comics Guild

All cosplayers, roleplayers, and fans are welcome to join this guild!

Tags: Avengers, X Men, Marvel, Heroes, Stan Lee

Mister Stark Private 617 36
Super Smash Bros. Universe!

For any and every Canon character!

Tags: Smash, Brawl, Roleplay, Duel, Arena

totlly nt fair Private 15 4
Smash Club

Bring peace to our worlds.

Tags: Nintendo, Legend of Zelda, Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem, Kirby

l Zelda l Public 512 11
The Kirby Lovers Club

If you adore Kirby (his game, skills, talent) then this is the right guild for you!

Tags: kirby, fans, skill lovers, club, pink

Crystallic Shards Public 4 3
Super Smash Brothers Chronicles

Action Packed Role-Play

Tags: Smash Brothers, Kid Icarus, Zelda, Pokemon, Kirby

Luwest Stark Public 500 18
Mai's Color of Kirbys

Tags: Nintendo

DashieKinkySexy Public 37 25
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