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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Team Galactic

Team Galactic; Once bad guys, now mercenaries with a Boom town sanctuary. We stay out of trouble, yet dive into it whenever we can.

Tags: Pokemon, Galactic, Diamond and Pearl, Role Playing

rumcandyXIII Private 156 3
The Soliders Of halla(Rp)

This a Roleplay

Tags: Soldiers, Halla

glitcheermule2 Public 23 2
The Shrouded Isles

An advanced literate role play guild set in the world of the Shrouded Isles.

Tags: Shrouded Isles, Role Play, Horror, Fantasy, Dreams

The Hentai Villain Public 0 1
Kings of a Reality

Tags: role playing, writing, Killian, Demi-God, Funsicle

Merle Blakeney Private 1,292 14
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