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Parle Productions

A Guild for Anyone who enjoys work from Parle Productions including::The Sora Show, Demyx Time, The Shinra Files, Etc.

Tags: Cosplay, Demyx Time, The Sora Show, Parle Productions, The Shinra Files

Fatal Yaoi Public 1,432 147
† Severed Heart † A D.Gray Man Role-Play Guild

A semi-lit to lit D.Gray Man roleplaying guild! [Under Maintenance!]

Tags: D.Gray Man, akuma, excorcists, innocence, weapon

Aslilin Public 5,143 42
D.gray-man anime yaoi freaks guild

d.gray-man yaoi

Tags: d.gray-man, yaoi

KawaiiGalaxyHeart Public 638 68
SebAllen Fan Club

A guild in tribute to the crossover pairing SebastianXAllen and their animes

Tags: Allen, Sebastian, Seballen, Kuroshitsuji, D.Grayman

the_blue_jeep Public 1,052 9
The Black Order [[ D. Gray-man Roleplay ]]

Role-Play as one of the original characters or make your own, and join the battle for the sake of humanity.

Tags: D. Gray-man, Exorcists, Akuma, Innocence, Roleplaying

The MiIIennium EarI Public 685 13
D. gray man role play

an rp based off D. gray man ^w^

Tags: d. gray man, role play, black order, Lavi, Kanda

Darkest Weakness Public 132 3
D. Gray Divinity

The home of D. Gray Man fans on the internet.

Tags: Allen Walker, D. Gray Man, Katsura Hoshino, Kanda, Lavi

Sweetly Spice Public 82 18
A Heart's Legacy *D.Gray-Man Roleplay*

A guild made specifically for D.Gray-Man roleplay (with existing or made up characters). Semi-literate to literate roleplayers, please.

Tags: D.Gray-Man, Roleplay, anime, exorcist, noah

0 Miss Nightmare 0 Public 29 2
The Black Order: Rise To Redemption

A roleplay and recreation of D.Gray-Man's Black Order for ALL D.Gray-Man Fans Everywhere

Tags: D.Gray-Man, Roleplay, Anime, Creativity, The Black Order

Lord Lavi bookman 18 Public 314 17
Guardians of Nubue

W.I.T.C.H, Magic, Guardians, Rebels

Tags: Magic, Witch, Rebals

Tsukune Aono Sora Public 45 7
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