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한국 카페 [Korea Cafe]

If you love Korea or KPop or even K Dramas this is the place for you! Come and talk with people who love what you do as well!

Tags: Korea, K-pop, Language, K-dramas, Culture

xX-kwiyeoun kwaja-Xx Public 2,153 490
Anime Help Guild

Guild for Anime, Manga, Japanese & Korean Drama, recommendations, and discussions and quizzes

Tags: Anime, Manga, Live Action J&K Drama, Discussion, Recommendation Guild

nena_sakura Private 2,036 750
The International Drama Guild KiraLight Private 4,646 13
Dream Academy

Roleplay your heart out :3

Tags: roleplay, Dream, Academy, Magic

myuryuchan Private 3,093 4
~*Pancakes In My Pants*~

Waffle me taffles and cinder me dinder. Come and roleplay with me mincer!

Tags: K-pop, K-Drama, Soul Eater, Harry Potter, Fanfictions

Bitchin Cupcake Private 4,478 30
K-pop, J-pop, & K-dramas Group

This is a guild for people who love K-pop and J-pop...also Dramas

Tags: Music, k-pop, j-pop, drama

-xHunii-Beex- Public 15 9
Korea and Japan World ♬ ♪

A place where you can talk anything about kpop , jpop , kdrama and J drama with the other fans.

Tags: Kpop, Jpop, K-Drama, Music, J-Drama

Owl_Sister Public 317 59
Kimchi Paradise

A guild about all things Korean. Come and chat about music, culture, language, drama, and even Kimchi! ^^

Tags: Korean, K Pop, K Drama, Language, K Culture

CelestialYoru Public 263 27
アニメファン。♥ 。≧ω≦

このギルドは、アニメ ファンのためである。♥, Welcome

Tags: Kpop, Kdrama, Anime, Jpop, Vocaloid

Noob 123455 Public 0 2
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