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When The Worlds Collided


Tags: Semi Lit - Lit, SuperHeroes/ Villains., Role-playing, Magic

blackwhitetiger Public 7,710 10
Shine! My Heart's Jewel~

The after story of Shugo chara and Shugo chara party where new guardian apprentices and villains come in!

Tags: Shugo Chara, Cuteness, Anime, Literature, Roleplay

xXCarniNoirXx Public 3,977 52
Batman Roleplaying guild

Roleplay as the Characters from the Batman series!

Tags: Batman, Roleplaying, The Joker, Two-Face, Batgirl

the study of wumbo Public 123 15
High Seas

It's a pirates life! Will you seek out the mystery Island X, in order to seek bountiful treasures... or do you have a quest of your own?

Tags: role playing, pirates, anime, high, seas

Auto Vampire Kitten Public 1,513 26
[ .Nameless. ]

"Names, are the chains that bind your soul..."

Tags: Nameless, Resonance, Family, Anime, Role-playing

Nanashi Rezonansu Private 5,101 91
Our Asylum Travelgirl2009 Public 8,711 15

Come have all kinds of fun times, tell jokes, or just go crazy in Circus-Centric!

I Kyotouryuu I Private 321 2
City Of Gotham

"Whose side do you choose? The side of good? Or is it the side of evil? Only you can decide the fate of Gotham City…"

Tags: DC Comics, Superhero, Batman, Gotham City, Joker

Commissioner James Gordon Private 402 22
Persona 3: Shadows [O/A]

Nyx was sealed many years ago. However, shadows have begun to spring up again. New shadows now live, and the seal was found to be broken.

Tags: Persona 3, Gaming, Roleplay, Action, Romance

SpazzticPanda1311 Public 197 11
Impractical Jokers

Everything to do with Impractical Jokers

Tags: Impractical Jokers, James Murray, Sal Vulcano, Joe Gatto, Brian Quinn

Misfit Phoenixx Public 1 4
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