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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Final Fantasy VII: Neo Midgar City, Colliding Worlds

Tags: Final Fantasy, Jenova, Midgar, Aerith, Edge

Aerith Gast Gainsborough Private 76,498 88
Shinra Company -Science Division-

Everything interesting happens in the Science Division. Like a Hojo-sicle.

Tags: Shinra, final fantasy, random, science, mock role-play

mordicaijunior Private 1,948 21
Wrath Of Jenova~A Final Fantasy Guild(Now Accepting)

What happens to Sephiroth and the others is up to you.

Tags: Romance, Magyk, Jenova, Summons, Role Play

Kyohei_Lockhart_Strife Public 244 8
Final Fantasy VII: Jenova's Mometic Legacy

The battle to save the planet starts here!

Tags: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy, SOLDIER, Advent Children, shinra

Turk5679 Public 40 9
Jenovaism [~-Sephiroth-~] Private 3,374 60
In The Shadows of the Night

A multi crossover rp where the light strives against the dark.

Tags: roleplaying, anime, crossover, series, Kingdom Hearts, games, films, books, TV, Final Fantasy, Naruto, Death note, Witch, batman, Harry Potter, Xmen

That Water Sprite Demyx Private 3,474 20
~Angels of the Silver Nation~

Join the Sephira on our quest to help Master Lord Sephiroth extablish his Silver Nation in the Promised Land!!!

Tags: Sephiroth, Final Fantasy, Remnant, Jenova, Videogames

Silkiel Public 7 8
Parle Productions

A Guild for Anyone who enjoys work from Parle Productions including::The Sora Show, Demyx Time, The Shinra Files, Etc.

Tags: Cosplay, Demyx Time, The Sora Show, Parle Productions, The Shinra Files

Fatal Yaoi Public 1,432 147
An Answered Cry :: Final Fantasy VII

When the Planet starts to be torn apart, it reaches out to other worlds to hold it together... connecting them all together dangerously...

Tags: Final Fantasy, Jenova Calamity, Crossover, Roleplay, Sephiroth

Mafdet of Egypt Private 116 9
The Life of the Scarecrow

A multi crossover rp where the light strives against the dark.

Tags: roleplaying, anime, crossover, Books, Naruto, Manga, One Piece, FMA, Kingdom hearts, Final Fantasy, anime, Death Note, Code Geasas, Alice in Wonder, Xmen, Underworld, Tim Burton, LOTR, HP

Mister Slender Man Public 119 24
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