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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Junior Recruit Officer Training Corps SadChu Public 8,385 31
The ROTC & JROTC Cadets Guild Darkangel212 Public 1,087 101
JROTC / ROTC kingace101 Public 219 19

The mission of this guild to get to know others and to learn new things.

Tags: JROTC, Army, Navy, Airforce, Marine

osena123 Public 1,629 142
Cadet Unit Forces

If you were in the cadet program, past or present, join! We're quite exclusive, no exceptions.

Tags: JROTC, Cadets, Army Cadets, Air Cadets, Sea Cadets

lil_kitty_TNA Public 523 104
JROTC/ROTC for all areas

Tags: JROTC, cadets, navy, ROTC, Army

red 14 the sniper Public 93 15
Soliders of the Desert

Never Back Down

Tags: Military/JROTC, Swift, Inteligent, desert, Spartan

TH3 REAP3R Public 3 5

If you are in ROTC JROTC or want to be in them, then join this Guild

Tags: ROTC, JROTC, Army, Navy, Marine Corps

oOUntraceable Public 323 2
Operation ACCND

When the United states of America fell to her knees in home militant power, Operation ACCND fell into play.

Don Avetore Private 2 3
Gaian Recruitment Officer's Training Corps


Tags: Army/Marines/Navy, Ranking, Real-World Based, ROTC, Roleplay

CWOA Leonardo Hans Public 3 2
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