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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The ROTC & JROTC Cadets Guild Darkangel212 Public 1,087 101
JROTC / ROTC kingace101 Public 219 19
Cadet Unit Forces

If you were in the cadet program, past or present, join! We're quite exclusive, no exceptions.

Tags: JROTC, Cadets, Army Cadets, Air Cadets, Sea Cadets

lil_kitty_TNA Public 522 104
Operation ACCND

When the United states of America fell to her knees in home militant power, Operation ACCND fell into play.

KI- Shi Akumu Private 2 3
The Guild of Marines Yamagashi Private 8,034 57
Junior Recruit Officer Training Corps SadChu Public 8,385 31

The mission of this guild to get to know others and to learn new things.

Tags: JROTC, Army, Navy, Airforce, Marine

osena123 Public 1,629 142
JROTC/ROTC for all areas

Tags: JROTC, cadets, navy, ROTC, Army

red 14 the sniper Public 93 15
Soliders of the Desert

Never Back Down

Tags: Military/JROTC, Swift, Inteligent, desert, Spartan

TH3 REAP3R Public 3 5

If you are in ROTC JROTC or want to be in them, then join this Guild

Tags: ROTC, JROTC, Army, Navy, Marine Corps

oOUntraceable Public 323 1
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