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The Irken Invaders

Become an Invader, or face your MOOSEY FATE!

Tags: Invader Zim, Discussion, Invader

Dormancy Public 91 12
Run While You Can - an Invader Zim Guild brb_suicide Public 20,516 96
Invader Zim Roleplay: OOC and Orignals

Come roleplay with your Oc or as the orignal cast

Tags: InvaderZim, Roleplay, Irkens, Humans, Hybrids

CuttlefishRomance Public 18 4
Crazy Irken Group

Are you obsessed with Invader Zim? Wish someone would make a guild all about Invader Zim? Well here it is!

Tags: Invader, Invader Zim, Invader Zim Roleplay, Roleplay, jhonen vasquez

Ultra Kitty Girl Public 2,071 75


Tags: Invader Zim, Conquest, Zim and Gir, Domination, Irken Empire

C l-l U K Public 39 20
The Doom Song

The Invader Zim Fanclub. Join if you love all things Zim, Gir, Gaz, Tak, and Dib. Accepts Irken Invaders and Humans.

Tags: Invader Zim, Gir the Sidekick, Fanclub, The Doom Song, New Guild

Ultra Kitty Girl Public 751 38
Prepare For ZIMPACT!: Invader ZIM Fan Guild

If you love Invader ZIM, JOIN US!!! & choose to be a human or irken in the battle for the universe!

Tags: Invader ZIM, GIR & ZIM, Dib and Gaz, Tallests, Role Play

Evil_Lexie Private 2,596 29
Invader Zim:Rise of the Resisty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Self explanitory.

Tags: Irken Zim, Resisty, Irken, Invader

Dante Pandorum Public 38 7
Invasion Time!

Invader Zim has recently gotten the new mission to invade the land of Ooh! What will our heros do? Most importantly, Who are these heros?

Tags: Gir the Robot, Invader Zim, Adventure Time, Discussion and Rp, Finn and Jake

XxKarkittys_SolxX Public 43 12
Invader Zim: Final Plan

Zim doesnt want to destroy Earth anymore though the Tallest think different.

Tags: Roleplay, Invader Zim, Irken, Sir Unit, The Tallest

xXx_Sparkling Black_xXx Public 1,002 2
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