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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Gaian British Guild

A haven for British Gaians, and those sympathetic to their peculiar ways!

Tags: britain, british, United Kingdom, english, england

Invictus_88 Public 35,267 708
Chibi War Guild

Tags: chibi, chibiwar, chibiwarworld, lightvsdark, friendlycommunity

Takuya Light Side Bishie Private 12,492 84
Ye Ol' Bucket O' Seamen

Under Construction

Tags: Fishing, Grammar, Punctuation, Humour

William Raype Private 4,715 1
The Palace of Legends

The Palace of Legends is a guild dedicated to roleplaying in general, so if you like roleplaying then join this guild!

Tags: Videogames, Anime, Comic books, action, humour

Dark-Phantom-King-Zero Public 8,903 27
Rusted from the Rain ~ Zombie RP

Here, you'll find blood, gore, and -best of all- a semi-literate zombie apocalypse roleplay.

Tags: zombie, apocalypse, mature, undead, brains

La Coquet Private 312 21
Academy for Supernaturals: The Beginning xXDiedaraXx Private 352 23
Unforgettable - An 1812 Roleplay {CLOSED}

A roleplay of pirates, war, soldiers, romance and adventure!

Tags: historical, romance, humour, action/adventure, europe

EnchantedLuck Private 18 5
Jews vs. Hitler

4 retarded friends just having a good time in zOMG playing an epic battle of hide&seek!

RaimuKiri Private 54 4
Order of the Demon.

The Watchguards of Gaia.

TheOGMrNobody Private 6 8
Gaia Juice

A Guild For Funny / Entertainment purposes

Tags: Funny, Humour, Gaia, Juice

Zach2003 Public 2 12
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