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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Official Eureka seveN Guild

Gaia's official guild for the anime series Eureka seveN!

Tags: eurekaseven, eureka7, eureka, anemone, anime

rekkaryuu Private 28,589 1,065
The Archangel/Gekko state Malcolm Black Private 1,397 4
Eureka Seven Guild nmbr1animefreak Public 414 1
Pokémon Researcher's Arena. Mehmet Public 226 17
Village Hidden in the Mist x Kaim Argonar x Public 851 29
The GekkoState DarkAnemone Private 39 14
Ask A Gay...The Guild

Tags: gays, lesbian, lgbt, homosexual, transgender

Rainbow Bracelets Public 7,419 126
Dragon age:The war here after..

Based on dragon age after origins and awakening

Tags: dragon age, war story, continue, story, fun guild

asbloodrunscold Public 1,592 23
De Hollandse Molen

Dit is een guild om te kijken hoeveel Nederlanders er op gaia zijn en om vrienden te maken.

Tags: Holland, Nederland, Dutch, Molen, Nederlanders

Dienuh Public 1,756 374
Hetalia Fans!

Welcome Hetalians to the fandom~

Tags: Hetalia, Anime, World Series, Axis Powers, Beautiful World

MonochromaticMoon Public 306 25
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