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Results for "Higurashi"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Slave Market ~

this is a guild were you can creat a slave. or be a master

Tags: slaves, neko, vampire, Ookamii, furrys

I_BiT3_Bl00dy-n3CKs Public 11,238 71
Higurashi - When They Cry

A Higurashi Roleplaying Guild

Tags: Higurashi, Murder, Horror, Rena, Hinamizawa

Lane-kun Public 862 18
Ranma1/2 and inuyasha Guild

oh come on! give us a chance to tell you what we are about!

Tags: Ranma1/2 and inuyasha guild, ranma1/2, role play, inuyasha, Ranma

Rainbow Miku Public 113 3
Nukedashititte :D

This is a guild made for getting away from your troubles, hanging out, and having fun ( and most likely get lost chatting about anime :D )

Tags: Higurashi, break, free, enjoy, anime

Erthond Regulus Public 3,224 35

A fun Higurashi guild for its loving fans.

Tags: Higurashi, Umineko, Mion, Shion, Rika

Kami Mion Public 925 29
The Resistance Super Guild

A super-duper everything guild for exactly that, Everything.

Tags: Freebies, Friends, zOMG, Help, Role Playing, Garden, Space, Video games, Discussions, Music, Fun, Popular, Anime, Twilight, Legend Of Zelda, Avitar Art,Suikoden 1&2, Music, Bleach

Cassandra Shiroibara Public 302 16
Inuyasha Role Play

Be in a Inuyasha Role Play or make your own!

Tags: Inuyasha, Role Play, Manga, Anime

Angel_Arianas Public 2,431 13
Maka Falls Down the Rabbit Hole

Investigation of a series of disappearances lands Maka, Soul and their friends in SyFy's wonderland.

Tags: Soul Eater, Alice in Wonderland, Role Playing

cicyi Private 10 2
Two Sides

Role play for the imagination, fun,war,love, supernatural,good,evil its ready to rp just needs more members please consider this guild.

Tags: imagine, anime, action, love, friends

Atlantis-Gabrielle Public 197 8

Private guild for fans, good roleplayers, and people with a real appreciation for the series.

Tags: higurashi no naku koro ni, higurashi, when the cicadas cry, when they cry, ryukishi07

mardona complex Private 10 3
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