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Results for "Helljumpers"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Halo RP Guild. You Decide the Fate of Earth... ~~D~~J~~ Public 401 32
Halo RP: Finish The Fight triforcewolf Public 436 25
Helljumpers (An ODST RP)

We Go Feet First!

Tags: ODST, Halo, Helljumpers, Special forces, roleplaying

Shiggalo Public 4,210 25

Halo RPG

Tags: Halo, ODST, Roleplay, Helljumper, Covenant

Der General Private 152 2

Do you Got What It Takes To Be A ODST Prove it when you join.

Tags: ODST, HellJumper, DropPod, Halo, Sargent Johnson

Magatsu Tohru Adachi Public 8 11

closed until further notice but still accepting requests

AnaMusi Immortalis Public 2 1
75th ODST Battalion

A roleplay and discussion of ODST or Halo

Tags: Helljumpers, ODST, Role Play, Badass, Simply original

T3H R00ki3 Public 5 1
Halo: Enter Hell

Tags: Role Playing, Halo, ODST, Hell, UNSC

Sage Akia Private 45 4
ODST Helljumpers 75th Battalion

We serve Gaia with many allies and help defend it.

Tags: ODST, Marines, UNSC, Helljumpers, Halo

Lt Colonel Frost Public 9 18
ODST Helljumpers 94th Unit

We may be small but we have many allies

yoshims Public 63 37
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