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Results for "Half-heart"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
GUILDS CLOSED Sonichan Private 2,132 3
Xervelia - New Genesis

An Immersive Dark Fantasy RP Guild set in a Unique and Canon World

Tags: Dark, Fantasy, Role, Playing, Adventure

satans-plaything Private 2,607 9
The Organization of the Arcane Heart

Give half of your Heart to protect the Worlds and Kingdom Hearts

Tags: Half-heart, Organization, Kingdom Hearts, Arcane

XeilnFireheart XIII Public 128 26
Guardians Of The Universe

the guardians of elements, and there assistants. they protect there people, and fight for what is right

Tags: guardians, warriors, protectors, savior, good

SGT_GoM Public 8 9
The Most Righteous Game

Dedicated to high quality Forum RP, because pretending to be anime characters is series business, people!

Tags: Anime, Manga, Games, Video Games, Bros

DoctorScraps Public 14 9
Half Hearted Academy

The Academy is where students come to learn to control their powers, find love, or live

Tags: Academy, powers, blood, Love

KINGofTAKOS Public 804 2
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