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Demon & Angel Academy

a guild for demons and Roleplayers

Tags: Roleplay, Demon, Half-demons, Wolves, Foxes

Ryu Nerith Private 6,846 51
Feudal Era {GRAND OPENING}[Active 2013 RP]

This guild is about times in the Feudal Era where one can be thier own and create thier own adventures around the guild plot

Tags: Anime, Active, Inuyasha, Literate, Role Play

Kyousuke Riluka Public 102 12
Devil may cry (Official Role Playing guild)

Devil may cry, Role Playing, Dante, Trish, Virgil, Demons

Tags: Devil May Cry, Role Playing, Dante, Demons, Half-demons

mako kenichi Private 29 1
Nihil Iacet (Nothing Lies RP Guild)

A guild for all kinds of roleplayers, accepting serious and drama free RPer's only.

Tags: Poppet, Fantasy, Roleplay, Empire

0zVonKlippt Public 29 3
Sunny Grove

Under Construction

Tags: Friends, Family, Neighborhood, School, Roleplay

Sir Spazalots Public 1,487 8
Inuyasha Role Play

Be in a Inuyasha Role Play or make your own!

Tags: Inuyasha, Role Play, Manga, Anime

Angel_Arianas Public 2,431 16
~Kingdom Of Demons~

Welcome~ This a guild for demons only. If you are a demon or half, which ever. Come and join. Fantasy role playing welcomes you.

Tags: demons, Role playing, Fighting

Delicious Sinner Dosojin Public 25 11
::::Zasshu Gakuen::: :::School for the Supernatural:::

Hello and welcome to Zasshu Academy, this academy has stood to teach young hybrids to learn to control the power within them.

Tags: Hybrid, Anime, Role Play, Romance, School

Lydia19756 Public 2,962 44
After Dark Role Play

Tags: Literate, dark, demons, vampires, werewolves

Prettyasuka Public 117 9
Ruined World

Welcome to a world ruined by the darkness with the ties of fate severed

Tags: Fantasy, Role-playing, Pirates, Battle, Magic

Gin Xyrin Public 2 4
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