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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Naruto:: Rise of the Shinobi

Looking for your chance to effect the Naruto Universe...? Come on in... I promise you won't be disappointed.

Tags: Naruto, Ninja, Shippuden, Role Play, Rping

Drago_the_Blackrose Private 258,869 39
Dragon Ball Z : Eternal Reflections

A Dragonball Z RPG That takes place after Goku and Vegeta Leave Earth.

Tags: Dragonball Z, Fight, Goku, Literate, Roleplaying

Drago_the_Blackrose Private 10,528 84
The Battletech (MechWarrior) Universe Guild Shiberude Public 966 52
Gundam Armada - the best random, anime, gundam faction

Tags: Gundam, Random

vash-da-hobo Private 79,252 662
Gundam Universe RP (Under Renovations.) holy angel of death Private 4,122 43
Les efrant Terribles 恐ろしい子

got something to talk about here's a great place to let it off, the one place that real people listen to others.

Tags: role play, talk to people, rant, cooking, game

uct3 Private 768 9
20th Century Geeks

A guild for lovers of vintage (pre year 2000) anime, manga & video games

Tags: anime, manga, video games, vintage, geeks

Avane Anime Public 552 52
Chaotic Multiverse Theory

An archive of (presently on-going) crazy role-playing with a severe disregard for the laws of physics and the 4th wall.

Tags: Digimon, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Shaman King, Fullmetal Alchemist

Crystal Mizuka Private 2,131 20
Gundam Exceed

A roleplay guild based on the popular anime franchise, Gundam.

Tags: Gundam, Cross-Dimensional, crossover, Mobile Suit, Mecha

2chrono2 Private 19 1
After War Gundam: Shattered Earth ( A Gundam Roleplay )

As it says on the can. Needs overhaul.

Tags: Gundam, Roleplaying

VearGreyloc Private 47 12
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