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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Pandora Hearts Chained Souls

Come roleplay Pandora Hearts characters and discuss the show/manga. Have fun and make new friends.

Tags: Pandora Hearts, Chained Souls, Roleplay, Discussion, Friends

Shisei Tenshi Public 1,277 26

Tags: Limn, Gryphons, Griffins, Breedables, Roleplaying

The Luminarium Public 1,988 132
Gryphon Scrolls

This guild is for the b/c shop Gryphon Scrolls! Explore their world here!

Tags: Pets, Gryphons, Griffons

`raze Public 1,577 40
Dragons Eden[Currently Closed]

A world where Dragons are the leading rule. A world where every mystical species exsists and humans are the minority.

Tags: Dragons, Mythical creatures, Magic, Fantasy, Rebellion

R i i v o Private 673 18

Gryphon B/C

Tags: Gryphons, Gryphon

Alpaca Chobi Public 468 26
Grayeth University -OPEN TO APPLICANTS-

Education to defend, But what lies outside the Barrier?

Tags: Gryphons, Dragons, Creatures, fantasy, demons

Milinkre Public 97 3
Gryphons Fantasy Guild

Fun, Role Playing, Various Interests, and so much more!

Tags: Gryphons, Fantasy, Role Playing, Guild, Random

lizardman ((mummyman3)) Public 25 4
Alberast's Gaian Outpost

Helping protect and spread Alberastian ideals throught the worlds of the Void!

Tags: Alberast, Gaia, Outpost

PhoenixOrcinus Public 47 26

Guild for the b/c shop Halcyon.

Tags: breedable pets, pets, gryphon, halcyon, roleplay

gogoats Private 65 7
Welcome to Rapture Guild

Guild for the B/C shop Rapture

Tags: Breedables, fantasy, role play, gryphon, awesome

Pandorus Sphinx Public 8 3
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