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Discussion for the serious, humorous, and fragile. Also, stabbing Moro encouraged.

Tags: Off Topic, Discussion, Grape, Close-Knit, Community

Fandumbot Public 12,280 270
GPS: Gaia Paranormal Society

Tags: Ghost, Spirit, Haunting, Paranormal

Pharaoh Cyanide Public 14 5

Join the Revolution!

Tags: Lottery, Millionaire, Jackpot, Gold, Prize

Amensu Saje Private 238 142
Brain Freezy

I love slushiees

Tags: slushiee, color, rainbow, freezy, yummy

Rainbow Slushiee Public 14 20
The Last Melon

Off the wall randomness, with discussion's, roleplaying, prizes, and town conquering HAH BOOM CITY

Tags: Random Hamdomness, DoDo protection services, Grape Drank, Chinchilla, GO ANDROID!!!!

Ville of Bodom Public 24,885 85
Grape Juice The Great Particle Wad Private 9,632 81
The Simplicity of Random Chaos~

Where no one can tell you what you can and cannot say, do what you wish, except for posting pictures of dead animals... D:

Fleedle Public 214 19
Camp Half-Blood (Roleplaying Guild)

This is a guild where we roleplay about Percy Jackson and you can get claimed, and etc.

Tags: percy, jackson, roleplaying, olympians, half-blood

ll Beautiful Rose ll Public 45 6
Mutant High

This is where mutants can go and learn how to harness their powers.

Tags: Mutants, High school, Powers, supernatural

AlexWolfsbane147 Private 274 6

Just got a check might burn it up

Tags: downerdudes, frownguys, sadboys, unhappylads, SBE2001

Nubap Public 13 8
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