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Sacred War

Participate the battle for the throne!

Tags: Avatar, Fantasy, Warfare, Fate Stay night, Battle

Gust221 Public 1,264 32
The Seven Elemental Rifts

There are 7 elemental rifts: Darkness, Light, Fire, Air, Water, Terra, and the Void also known as Space.

Tags: Role Play, Elemental, Wars, Romance, Giveaways

SilverBowAndArrow Public 1,128 12

Hate &/Rant [about] all those phony people; or just hang here.

Tags: Hate, Hang, Talk, Hate more, Talk more

N00DLE GL0MP Public 1,260 45
Rping guild

this guild is about rping, talking and just hanging out

Tags: Rping, Love/Hate, Bleach/Naruto (Other anima), Gorillaz/Music, Talking/Problems

Kira the half wolf demon Public 2,460 1
Angel's Charity Center

Where newbies can avoid being called "noobs", I also donate to people who have lost items threw scammers!

Tags: Charity, Freebies, Arts, Role Play, Contests

SilverBowAndArrow Private 2,484 314
~Gorillaz Take Over~

A place for all Gorillaz fans!

Tags: Fans, Gorillaz, Music, discussion, Noodle

MissLovedChi Private 21 14
The Official Gorillaz Guild

This Guild is for fans of the Gorillaz that want to talk about their music and rp and meet other fans.

Tags: gorillaz, noodle, murdoc, music, russel

BluMommy Public 243 39
Psych Academy

Psych Academy is a boarding school for psychic's to go when they have no where to go, get booted out of their home for being a psychic ect.

Tags: Academy, Role play, Contests, Psychics, Teen

SilverBowAndArrow Private 449 20
6400 Goon Camp Mafia Cripz

The realiest guild for real crip niggaz only

Tags: Cripz, Gangstaz, Killaz, Gorillaz, Dopeboyz

King Soulja_THB_ABN_98s Public 16 29
♫ Windmill, Windmill. A Gorillaz fan guild. ♫

This is a guild for people to discuss the genius of the virtual band, "Gorillaz."

Tags: Gorillaz, Windmill, Windmill, Music, Cartoons, It's Dare

Memory of the Knowing Public 4 1
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