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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Elyris ~ The Prophecy of Harmony !ACCEPTING MEMBERS!

For semi-to-full literates ONLY.

Tags: Fantasy, Military, Roleplaying, Kingdom, Medieval

EsperJay Private 2,435 3
Gold Earning Gaians

For those who can't or don't want to spend real money for pixels

Tags: Shops, Tips and Tricks, Help, Gold, Discussion

Vanna1994 Public 433 7
disloyalty to loyal's bazaar

for all the people who dislike my brother loyal and the world of Gaia.

Tags: loyal, nonloyal, marketplace, gaia, money

Nonloyal Public 7 3
The Quiz Cafe: A gold earning/poll guild Jakalope Rules Private 71,877 531
In Our Dreams

A roleplay guild for friends (Mostly)

- OX Sweet_Insanity XO - Private 619 7
Requiem of Souls

Tags: Make creative Plots, Create your own threads, Role Playing, Easy Gold!

Kurai`Haruko Public 2,493 25
The NOOB Fixing/Training Guild.

We help newcomers, or anyone in need of help becoming 'elite' Gaians!

Tags: Noob, Support, Training

Admiral Zetsu Public 95 24
The Penthouse

An Exclusive Guild Open to Invites only

Tags: Penthouse, Gold Earning, Hangout, Advice

Great Destroyer Apollymi Private 148 11
NS's Random fun

Buy a can of laughing gas you'll need it

Tags: Quizzes, RolePlay, Gold earning, Booty Grab

Notte Stella Public 2,711 17
-win gaia gold, items, enter contests,&be friendly

Enter to join AMAZING contests, and WIN PRIZES!

Tags: money, gaia gold, gold, earn gold, contest

Starykiss Public 16 23
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