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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Phoenix Academy

A new foe threatens the modern world, and heroes must rise across time!

Tags: Drama, pokemon, adventure, school, literate

Phoenix Phiar Private 54,032 42

Pokemon Gijinka Human RPG Roleplay

Tags: Pokemon, Gijinka, Human, Roleplay, Anime

Stardust Drifter Private 274 26
Poteryali Island

Roam the island Poteryali as your favorite pokemon without the limitations of animal appendages.

Tags: gijinka, Pokemon, Literate, Island, Semi-lit

-Undead-Legends- Private 912 16
Crossed Diminsions

Join us as pokemon travel to a different diminsion and live as gijinka, perfectly with no humans, but beware there's evil about.

Tags: pokemon ginjika, funs, romance, dark, role playing

Kittykittkitt13 Public 1,365 17
Corrupted Shadows [Pokemon/Gijinka]

With the world in chaos, pokemon and humans alike stood together to bring back the peace. Sadly, some hearts were corrupted by the shadows.

Tags: Gijinka, Pokemon, Romance, Human Hybrids, Roleplay

SpazzticPanda1311 Public 2,760 35
Crown Genesis

Guild for Crown Genesis Gijinka B/C Shop.

Tags: gijinka, pokemon, crown city, roleplay, art shop

Crown Genesis Public 2,379 84
Kalos Awakened

Pokemon Gijinka Shop

Tags: Pokemon, Pokemon Gijinka, Roleplaying, Breedable changable shop, Kalos Awaken

Alex Mustang Private 26 14
Investigation Free The Nation [Pokemon]

A RP combining many Pokemon elements.

Tags: Pokemon, Role Play, Pokemon Ranger, Gijinka, Snagem

Honey_Addiction Public 270 42
Moemon: A New Generation {CLOSED}

When a new breed of human-Pokémon hybrids enter the world, what will become of them?

Tags: Pokemon, Gijinka, Pokemorphs, Moemon, Battle

MagneticPudding Public 1,392 59
The Kaiju Region

A Pokemon RP Guild

Tags: Pokemon, Gijinka, Roleplay

DemonLordAthea Public 117 15
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