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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Night Raid 9198 [A Slice of Life RP]

Active - 1/25/14. Posting Requirements: 8+ Sentences.

Tags: Mecha, Action, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Sci-fi

Godly P i s t o l Private 14,351 36
Wang Gang.

Wang Gang.

Tags: Wang

MTGallagher10 Public 4 34
> [U/c]

Currently under construction. Description gives notes on idea of Guild.

Tags: Original, Flames, Under, Construction, Emotions

The Assassin of Chaos Public 74 10
The Kuro Gang: Black Ops

The Kuro Gang is Durem's Dark Elf mafia and the Black Ops is an elite branch defending the Kuro family.

Tags: Durem, Gaia, Dark Elf, Mafia, Fantasy

Maerua Private 31,023 11
Super Chatterbox [Property of Club Reg]

Tags: Club Reg

Azial Public 96,199 173
Caitlyn and the gang's Library and Random Stuff Caitlyn Hellstorm Private 600 7
Attack on Titan: Titan's Reign

Will Titan's Rule for good?

Tags: Friends, Secrets, Titans, Role, Play

TunaDishCosplayer Private 283 3
Black Star Academy

A college/academy roleplay involving lust, love, back stabbing and all the good stuff.

Tags: Roleplaying, Romance, School, free, freaks

Negative J3T Private 27 11
Freaky Gang

Onlyy Freaks Aloud !

QueenGlizzy Public 3 17
Kawaii Gang

Supa Kawaii Desu

Unknown Memory Private 25 12
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