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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Fast Gold 4 Poor Gaians

Originally a guild dedicated to the best and fastest way's to earn gold on gaia's system, it has evolved into an awesome community!

Tags: Gold, Contests, Anime, Chat, Random

Angelic_Highlights Private 591,059 19,795
Final Fantasy VII: Jenova's Mometic Legacy

The battle to save the planet starts here!

Tags: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy, SOLDIER, Advent Children, shinra

Turk5679 Public 40 10
Gaia's Gambler Guild & Community

Participate in high stakes contests, for great prizes.

Tags: Gambling, Entertainment, Casino, High-stakes contests, Community

Acenintendo Private 225 91
The Boston Clique

The Irish Mob Families of New England

Tags: Irish, Mafia, History, Boston, NewEnlgand

Dead Poe Private 17 3
Chroma Rush

Private Discussion Among Friends

Tags: bobs, stickam, me&you all night long, gambling, mudkipz

La Petit Milk Tea Private 5,475 26
stopped guild

Tags: Casino, Gold, Gamble, Dice, Fantasty

Neo cloudd Public 73 3
Gaian Lucky Star Casino

A Gaian Casino

Tags: Money, Gold, Gamble, Casino, Signs

iiLaVrael Private 46 3
IMPULSE -- Ѵɩρ cɑsɩɳσ [NOT OPEN YET]

Tags: Casino, Exclusive, Mature, Gambling, Giveaway

J o J o S t i l e t t o Private 754 109
Legit Gambling

Want to Gamble, but don't want to be pestered by randoms?

Tags: Gamble, Freely, Stressless, Safe, Active

RaitoKawaii Public 26 4
The Space (UC)

Enjoy! All the drinks are on the House.

Tags: Contest, Polls, Roleplaying, Friends, Fantasy

Dead_Prayer Public 19 3
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