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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
X Men: A New Generation [Literate Roleplay]

When a new evil threatens our young X Men will they be able to defeat it? Join in the adventure and find out for yourself.

Tags: X Men, Literate, Professor X, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Mutants

Midnight Marvel Private 240 5
X-Men: A New Beginning

Mutants are being treated terribly by humans, slaughtered, "cured",imprisoned, will you help or hurt the cause?

Tags: Role Play, X-Men, Wolverine, Gambit, Mutant

Bionic Pikachu Public 5,798 35
The Pokemon Mercenaries Guild [Relocated]

Battle, Trade, Evolve, and Carve your title into the walls of the Guild. Become a legend, become a master, become... A Pokemon Mercenary.

Tags: Pokemon, Competitive Battle, Trading, Hangout, Elite

Puppet on a String Theory Private 2,656 59
.:Cheshire Gambit:.

A Literate Roleplay Guild

Tags: Literate, Fiction, Literature, Friendly, Interactive

vampiric_melody Public 14 2
Private Roleplays with Alyss Valentine

For those that want a private roleplay with me and do not like others to see or just for a bit more organization!

Tags: Marvel, Sherlock, Vampire Diaries, Roleplay, Private

Alyss Valentine Public 3 1
Parle Productions

A Guild for Anyone who enjoys work from Parle Productions including::The Sora Show, Demyx Time, The Shinra Files, Etc.

Tags: Cosplay, Demyx Time, The Sora Show, Parle Productions, The Shinra Files

Fatal Yaoi Public 1,432 148
The Pokemon's Gambit Order

Prove your hidden skills. Hide the opposition and attack in the weak. Bring in the Gambit.

Tags: Pokemon, Active, Trading, Trainer, Competitive Battle

Puppet on a String Theory Public 9,039 117
We Are the Abandoned

A supernatural survival horror RP guild.

Tags: Supernatural, Survival Horror, Apocalyptic, Angels, Demons

Gospel_of_Winchester Private 206 13
Royal Gambit (Hiatus)

18th Century Nobility Role-play

Santiago Campos Private 2,884 21
X-Men: What goes on besides saving the world

For those who love X-Men, Brotherhood, or mutants who want to roleplay!

Tags: x-men, roplay, gambit, rogue, wolverine

NeonWhiteFang Public 8 3
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