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Gangsta Disciple Gangg G.D.

The Gangsters Disciples have roots that date back to the 1960s. Larry Hoover is the current leader of the GDs and has been since 1974.

YoungRixhKid_GD Public 2 7
[+] Site B [+]

SIte B

Tags: Site B, Zombies, Role Play, Undead, Laboratory

Tao Kai Tze Private 7,953 22
The 4th Element

A guild for Graffiti and Street Artists. Been up since 2006!


SADER ONE Public 11,397 394
中文 / 汉语 International Asian Language Guild 日本語

学习中文 Learn Chinese, Tagalog Japanese and more eventually!! already know it? converse with others who do too or hang out, rp and more!!

Tags: Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, Asian, foreign language

Solace Vendamant Public 2,102 211
Street Art Guild

Whether you do graffiti, paste ups, stickers, stencils or even just art inspired by them, this is the place to hang out

Tags: graffiti, sticker, stencil, paste, design

izak1399 Public 3,724 461
Dance Club

All types of dance to discuss. Open to everyone!

Tags: dance, club, music

StereoDNA Public 18 13
{ The Concept of Love - A Jet Set Radio/ JSRF RP Guild }

RP Guild for JSRF/JSR

Tags: Jet Set Radio, Gangs, Romance, Rollerblading, Graffiti

Cosmic Havoc Public 55 5
Heads Will Roll

A guild especially for BA fothermuckers!

Tags: awesome, explosions, motorcycles, riding dragons bareback, wild moose chases

pinkiepal Public 62 21
Kibō wa ushinawa reta?

Kibō wa ushinawa reta? is a post apocalyptic roleplaying guild . Before you enter i must warn you, this guild will contain violence.

Tags: Apocalyptic, survive, fight, live, horror

Rin Seichi Public 556 9
Gaian Underground


Tags: Music, Graffiti, Roleplaying, Conversation, Entertainment

Doomsday Oreo Public 13 6
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