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Barton Police Department

We are a active policing guild

Tags: Barton, Law Enforcment, Investigations, Police, Serve

Chief Pina Private 463 3

Tags: police, anti-hack, force, unit, gaia

leon_cloud8 Public 8 5
GOPD- Spec Division

For those who want to have fun and keep Gaia Online user friendly and entertaining

Tags: GOPD, Police, Department, Popular

Red Garron Public 635 3

Tags: Gaiapolice, POLICE, G911, GOPD, JUSTICE

xNiguh Please Public 134 11
GOPD Gaia online police department khnjley Public 19 16
911) New illegmate GOPD

we just hate gangsters we like people who don't play around who doesn't say they ban people only if you get mad at someone

Tags: Call 911, GOPD, Badge Program, Any One Can Join, There Are Rules, But Not All Are Shown

mean agent 9 Public 18 14
Gaia Online Authority

Protect Gaia along with the Authority

Tags: Police, Fire, Department, RolePlay, Force

LiveSystem Public 17 4
Gaia Commandos

gaia commandos is a combo of leaders from swat/seal/gopd in gaia all togeter in 1 unit

Tags: swat, commandos, gopd, seals, S.O.M.M killers

SasukeSecondState_ANBU Public 168 24
The Dark Defenders

Much like the GOPD but without so many rules.

Tags: GOPD, Law Enforcement, RPing

DatArseDoe Public 7 4
Gaia Cops!

Helping the community of Gaia better itself!

Tags: Cops, Police, Community, Report, Crime

Katysaurus Rex Public 9 1
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