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!!katekyo Hitman Reborn!!

The vongola family and the other family of katekyo hitman reborn this guild is like roleplaying guild

Tags: vongola, katekyo, hitman, reborn

Hazuki Hatchi Public 3,922 527
the village hidden in love Medical_Motoko_McDowell Public 16 1
Harleguin Hangout

This is just a place for me to hang, talk to the people I ejoy and for us to be random!

Tags: Harley, Harlequin, Futa, Furry

HarleenHate Public 32 17

This guild is where u hang out and have fun.. BUT NO BOYS

Shawty Rawr x3 Public 8 16
Shadow Wood SLave Market/Manor

This is a hardcore rp guild that welcomes all sexual orientations

Tags: futa, bisexual, slave, market, roleplay

DarkPrincess EllieBelle Public 14 17
Futa and lesbians only (RP)

Guild based on the love for futas and other girls.

Tags: Futa, Futa rp, Girl only, lesbians, lesbians rp

iLikeTrains69 Private 2 1
Katekyo Hitman Reborn ~ New Battle

Decimo, his guardians, and the Varia have just defeated Byakuran but new enimes await..

Tags: Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Guardians, RolePlay, Vongola, Decimo

iNephilium Public 11 15
Femboy's Amore

A guild where people who share the common desire can meet and hangout.

Tags: Femboy, Futa, Hangout, Sissyboy, Futanari

AdorableFemboy Public 2 8
.hack//Another Dream

Welcome to [The World]. Please enjoy your stay.

Tags: .hack, roleplay, Another Dream, Epitaph, series

-Deadman- Snow Owl Public 297 6
masters and slaves of lust ~Open~

Create a master or slave profile, look for the lucky, or unlucky slave/master, Create RPs or just talk

Tags: masters, slaves, roleplay, sexy, bisexual

DemoZero23 Public 3 1
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