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•• New Shiro- Kuro Shiro reborn••

Come RP as anything, human, elf, dragon, vampire, demon, angel, neko and anything else you can think of!!!!!!

Tags: feline, Elves, dragon, free, wolf

Dreams Can Kill Private 5,631 29
Terra Mistica

Tags: Terra Mistica, Role Play, Fantasy, Mythology, Adventure

unfortunatevent Public 448 14
The Writer's Motivation Guild

We motivate each other to make our passions a reality.

Tags: Writing, Creativity, Novel, NaNoWriMo

l Rikka l Private 988 39
Shadows of the Day: Role Play

Private, invite only zombie based role play

Tags: zombie, role play, invite only, private

Airtosilverwolf Private 1,044 4
CWL - Chaotic Wrestling League

Welcome To The Chaos Realm, allow us to bring into your mind new creations the likes of which you may never see again!

Tags: Puroresu, Wrestling, Lucha Libre, Role Play

Kid_Omega91 Private 7,390 37
The Fountain of Youth 2179

The base for my Fountain of Youth universe, ask to join if you're interested, just try to include yourself as much you can if you do join =D

Tags: Immortal, Fountain, Vampire, Future, Free

xNINJ4Rx Public 71 6
Barton Wanderers

zOMG based chat guild

Tags: chat, fight, quest, social, Barton

The Ratslayer Public 80 30
Magix: Schools For The Gifted

Winx Club: Schools and magical adventures

Tags: Winx Club, High School, Magic, Roleplaying, Villains

shabatha Public 212 17
The Tales of Juno. A Literate Roleplay Guild. [Dawn]

Literate Roleplay Guild. Fantasy.

Tags: Literate Roleplay, Mythical Beasts, Fantasy

Voxy Sky Public 8 2

The perfect safe haven for non-human students to learn co-existence. But beware, it hides a dark secret

Tags: School, Fantasy, Dark, Mystery

FleurDeLyssity Private 924 21
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