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hip hop heads fight to survive

this guild is for rap battles, mcs, and all around hip hop heads

Tags: Trichinast, Shut, This, Guild, Down

VADM Faun Alpha Public 971 97
C.O.G. GEARs (The Coalition of Ordered Governments)

Brothers till the end.

Tags: soldiers, Gears of war, elte, military, Roleplay

Ayperos Only Private 783 198
Xenos Corps

Military Corps

Tanksmeow Public 29 6
US Navy S.E.A.L's Fireteam Delta

Fireteam Delta is back!

Tags: Seals, Fireteam, Delta, Alpha, Bravo

Eve Trinity Private 1,047 102
US Navy S.E.A.L'S Fireteam Charlie

We take down the bloods, crips and gangs!!!Join us!!

Raizen Vos Public 153 42
Allied Special Forces (ASF)

Loyalty. Duty. Respect. Selfless Service. Honor. Integrity. Personal Courage. = LDRSHIP

Tags: Marine special forces, Army Special Forces (asf), Military, army special forces, Navy special forces

Winter Wipeout Private 383 73
The Soviet Union (SU)

The toughest soldiers in the world, we will crush you.

Tags: Military, Role Play, Airborne, United States, Marines

MPD_Grit Private 25 12
Caymen Global™

::Luxury is Our Devoted Pleasure::

Tags: Finance & Development, Luxury Resort, High-Class Weapons, High-Class Vehicles, High-Class Research

IC - Spark Private 35 5
FireTeam O.D.I.N

We are the true defenders of our galaxy. The true soldiers of justice and honor. We are those assembled in unity to save the world.

Tags: O.D.I.N

TheBIueJay Public 4 2
Destiny Roleplay

Join the Tower and become a legend as a Guardian to fight the Darkness back

Tags: Destiny, Dark Below, House of Wolves, Taken King, Crucible, Bungie, First Person Shooter

MikuHinata1 Private 227 8
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