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Results for "Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Dark, Leader"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Slayers Mayhem! Lina Inverse Chan Public 8,328 38
☪ The Multiverse [ The original ]

A fantasy world with no equal on gaia ! Indepth and epic !

Tags: Magic, Elements, Gold, Love,, Demon, Angel, vampire, werewolf, goblin, stat, RP, Role Play, Anima, Fantasy, World, Advanture, indepth, rank, level, Tek Tek, Contest

Ohhmaru-Concoo-Tanoweichi Private 7,650 2
The Seven Elemental Rifts

There are 7 elemental rifts: Darkness, Light, Fire, Air, Water, Terra, and the Void also known as Space.

Tags: Role Play, Elemental, Wars, Romance, Giveaways

SilverBowAndArrow Public 1,128 12
Clash of Elements : Assorted Roleplay guild

You can roleplay, draw, or just chat with friends!

Tags: element, roleplay, fight, Clan, hang out

__ - 0Diclonius0 - __ Public 940 28
Land of Hidden Villages (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)


Tags: Ninja, Naruto, Jutsu, Ramen, Weapons, Hidden, Kage, Shadow, Random, Friends, Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Dark, Leader, Shippuuden, Manga, Japan, Japanese, Village, Otaku, Book, Culture, Akatsuki

Kasai_Haigara Private 4,875 75
House of Souls

The world of Mitroy is home to Elemental Spirits. And now the war is growing stronger. Come here to RP in this haunted world!

Tags: RPing, Action, Romance, Fantasy, Elemental Spirits

Fantasizing Dreams Public 1,074 11
}~The War of the Red Moon~{ A Fantasy RP Guild

A combination of different clans join together to fight against a looming evil far greater in power than that of each clan.

Tags: Dragons, Roleplay, Fighting, Fantasy, Steampunk

Raine Shiba Private 696 25
A Land in Darkness

This guild is currently U/C, but if you think you'll be interested than please feel free to join

Tags: Story line, Fantasy, Elements

Nandoral Private 16 6
elemental clans RP guild(Open!!!)

Several clans fight for dominance and the epic power of the great crystals.

Tags: elements, roleplay, battle, fighting, elemental

boo133 Public 920 15
Wars of the Elements

Find your place in the world of elements

Tags: Elements, Action

Alexandria Joan Public 60 9
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