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The Seven Elemental Rifts

There are 7 elemental rifts: Darkness, Light, Fire, Air, Water, Terra, and the Void also known as Space.

Tags: Role Play, Elemental, Wars, Romance, Giveaways

SilverBowAndArrow Public 1,128 12
A Land in Darkness

This guild is currently U/C, but if you think you'll be interested than please feel free to join

Tags: Story line, Fantasy, Elements

Nandoral Private 16 6
Slayers Mayhem! Lina Inverse Chan Public 8,328 38
Clash of Elements : Assorted Roleplay guild

You can roleplay, draw, or just chat with friends!

Tags: element, roleplay, fight, Clan, hang out

__ - 0Diclonius0 - __ Public 940 28
Land of Hidden Villages (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)


Tags: Ninja, Naruto, Jutsu, Ramen, Weapons, Hidden, Kage, Shadow, Random, Friends, Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Dark, Leader, Shippuuden, Manga, Japan, Japanese, Village, Otaku, Book, Culture, Akatsuki

Kasai_Haigara Private 4,875 75
☪ The Multiverse [ The original ]

A fantasy world with no equal on gaia ! Indepth and epic !

Tags: Magic, Elements, Gold, Love,, Demon, Angel, vampire, werewolf, goblin, stat, RP, Role Play, Anima, Fantasy, World, Advanture, indepth, rank, level, Tek Tek, Contest

The Multiverse Private 7,650 1
House of Souls

The world of Mitroy is home to Elemental Spirits. And now the war is growing stronger. Come here to RP in this haunted world!

Tags: RPing, Action, Romance, Fantasy, Elemental Spirits

Fantasizing Dreams Public 1,074 11
}~The War of the Red Moon~{ A Fantasy RP Guild

A combination of different clans join together to fight against a looming evil far greater in power than that of each clan.

Tags: Dragons, Roleplay, Fighting, Fantasy, Steampunk

Raine Shiba Private 696 25
elemental clans RP guild(Open!!!)

Several clans fight for dominance and the epic power of the great crystals.

Tags: elements, roleplay, battle, fighting, elemental

boo133 Public 920 15
Wars of the Elements

Find your place in the world of elements

Tags: Elements, Action

Elizabeth Nightly Public 60 9
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