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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Official "Glee" Guild

Discuss the memories, laughs, tears, and joys you've shared with the show. Discuss future episodes and stay to chat while you watch!

Tags: Glee, Music, Television

LilSketchMemory Private 5,216 994
Swedish People Only

Swedish Forum

Tags: Sverige, Svenska, Teckna, Musik, Sport

l-l-Void-l-l Private 67 22
Det Norske Paradis(Alt for Norge!)

Norge, norsk, paradis, smalahove

MaxMarius Public 8,869 207
The Official Adventure Time Guild

Tags: Adventure Time, Finn, Jake, Pendleton Ward, Cartoon Network

Solar Rays Public 198 163
♜♕♛▶The Land of Ooo◀♚♔♜

Adventure Roleplaying and fan guild

Tags: Adventure Time, Adventure, Time, Finn, Jake

s13epy Public 58 25

A guild for an Adventure Time BC / IT

Tags: Adventure Time, Breedables, Finn, Jake

- h a b i b a t i - Public 19 2
The Vampire Diaries-Rewritten

Mystic Falls, home to only humans. Or so everyone thinks. But, secretly, there are vampires, werewolves, witches, and even hybrids hidden.

Tags: Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Choices, Mythology

Lady Shimizu Public 28 8
The World of Ooo

A B/C Pet based on "Adventure Time" by Pendleton Ward.

Tags: Adventure Time, Finn, Breedable

The World of Ooo Public 1 2
Land of Ooo

This is an Adventure Time based role play guild with loads of fun junk! If you are an Adventure Time fan, then this might be for you!

Tags: Adventure Time, Roleplaying, Mathmatical, Land of Ooo

SnowScarlet Private 449 28
Vocaloid ( Voco

This is for any lens rins miku gumi and the rest oh and kaito i got your ice cream

Tags: funn, voco, finn, dram, quiz

Pwedo pervyness 69 Public 3 1
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