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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Naruto: The Shinobi's Shroud [Open]

A little more than your average Naruto guild

Tags: Naruto, Ninjas, Role Playing, Fighting, Action

iSage-Naruto497 Private 2,452 42
Dragon Ball U/C

Tags: fighting, action, dragon ball, anime, manga

Darth Yizus Private 941 4,294,967,293
Dragonball Z ~World's Apart~

A dragonball /Z/Gt guild for roleplayers and fans of the series to roleplay and chat about DBZ

Tags: Fighting, Action, Vegeta, Saiyan, Dragonball

Jinei Ryuu Shinigami Public 46 2
Tainted Paradise

When peace deminishes, what will become of the land you love?

Tags: Shangri La, Tribes, Fighting, Action, Adventure

Tebukuro Public 735 12
Warriors; Darkness Returns

After the fall of the Dark Forest, a new danger threatens to destroy the four clans.

Tags: Warriors, Warrior Cats, Roleplay, Fighting, Action

iSqueeze Public 35 3
Pokémon-Mystery Island

On this island, a war is brewing. Pokémon and their trainers are being transported to an island. Here...Enemies wait to strike..

Tags: Pokemon, Fighting, Action, love, Loyalty

Avedis Angelus Private 2,661 3
Bleach: The 2nd Great War

A Bleach based RPG

Tags: Social, Romance, Fighting, Action, Anime

thelegendofzack Public 1,023 6
An Alternate Naruto Universe

A Naruto role-play with more villages and Kekkai Genkai's

Tags: Fighting, Action, Romance, Naruto, Magic

acfreedom2 Public 494 5

Mafia based roleplaying guild

Tags: Mafia, semi li, magic, fighting, action

The_Broken_Hearted_Lover Public 38 2
Welcome to Cryptozoology Academy (~:Accepting memebers!:~)

An academy where you learn more about your 'power' and mystical creatures.

Tags: Cryptozoology, Academy, Romance, Fighting/Action, Mythical Creatures

beckerz94x3 Public 17 4
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