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Lizardlea13's Art Contest Characters

Further information for my characters

Tags: Lizard, Art Contest, Contest, Characters, Information

Lizardlea13 Private 272 4
Leviathan Stadium

A battle Stadium for literate roleplayers.

Tags: Literate, Fighting, Battle, Arena, Levi

Vahn Fah Private 469,241 543
Heaven or Hell

The annual fighting tournament, approaching its 8th year, centered around Leviathan Stadium

Tags: Tournament, Fighting, Battle, Roleplay, Leviathan

-HoH- Elia Noah Private 295,084 11
Fate Favors Fools

RP Guild - Tournament/Combat

Tags: combat, tarot, tournament, fighting, battle

RedxRaptorxRunner Private 35 6
K-Fight Battle (A Real Bout High School RP)

Ever want to be the best fighter? The come and challenge your enemies to a K-Fight.

Tags: Real Bout High School, Role Play, Anime, K-Fight, Fighting

Lady Black Lycan Public 2,542 10
Bleach: Heroes Among Us

The Soul Society is currently: Suspicious

Tags: Bleach, Soul Reaper, shinigami, action

Alasse Crux Public 1,338 36
O F F Balance - Dojo & Tournament Roleplay!

Warriors clash in this temple roleplay, seeking prestige and gold!

Tags: fight, battle, warrior, combat, tournament

Slash Zinrai Public 285 51
Bleach: Fallen Stars U/C

Every heard the term; the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Well, it's just about that time to engage; will you be able to protect the world?

Tags: Role Play, Bleach, Blood & Gore, Shinigami, Zodiac Signs

Baggy Senpai Public 161 7
Xenos - The Strangers

We are the strangers of the void.

Tags: Stranger, Void, Xenos, Lost, No One

Vince Xenos Public 6 5
Divinity Crest

A guild meant for fighters of any skill to test their mettle.

Tags: Fight, Battle, Weapons, Roleplay

Eclipsity Public 6 13
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