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Blood Society


Tags: blood, gang, killers, crip murders, goons

-xXCult Of PersonalityXx- Public 47 49
Latinos Los Beyos

Family, Respect, Power, Kush, ($$$]

Tags: family, respect, power

--xl3acardiLover Private 7 9
[Cool Awsum Ppl]>Got What It Takes? ~(^>^)~ ~♥~ ~☼~

Hey. We Need A Place Where The Cool PPl On Gaia Can go Its Too MAny Noobz OUt there

Tags: cool, nice, anti-noob, no noob, boys and girls

x--BahBang Public 57 10
train and battlin guild

ok dwayne anit fightin on here no mo so im givin this guild to high supply

Tags: rookies freshman xD, pro Sohpmore, all pro hard junior, all madden xD senior, legend idk xD

-J ZaY M- Public 83 29
Da Crazy Cripz

Yo to all my fellow crip niqqaz yall welcome to join but we a family so get used to helpin niqqaz out nd all u must abide by all rulez.

Tags: Cripz, Crazy cripz, crippin, 6 poppin, crip 4 lyfe

Hop On My Rocket Public 7 24
Vocaloid And Utau Rp Group

Love Vocaloid or Utau? Then Rp as one or make your own!

Tags: Anime, Roleplay, Vocaloid, Utau, MikuMikuDance

Technological Cat Public 545 40
*Rebirth* GEN (Giving Ending Nitemares)

giving ending nightmares ( ending people )


I Papi GEN I Public 8 14
Blood Will Be Shed

WereWolf or a Vampire?Love or Hate?Which Will You Choose?

Tags: roleplay, love, battle, vampire, werewolf

Writer Selbe Public 18 1
sooo a vampire RP

this is a place where vampires can RP :b

Tags: vampire, role play, RPing, awesome, vamp

painless dark Public 1 2
Sukiyomi High: A School For Monsters!

Join us in a High School made especially for young monsters! Kick tail, find romance, and experience the humor of a high school setting.

Tags: Monster, High school, Role play, Action, Comedy

Salmon_Samurai Private 1,621 42
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