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Keroro's Secret Military Base...ment...

A Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunso(u) fan guild.

Tags: Frog, Keroro, Sgt. Frog, Gunso, Gunsou

Shiro Mezidoria Private 8,238 14
Cydonian Dream

A Gaia Guild for all things X-COM

Tags: xcom, alien, cydonia, strategy

Illecebrous Desi Private 43 8
Emo,Goth,Punk guild

A guild for Anime,Goths,Emo's,Punk's

Tags: emo guild, punk guild, goth guild

xoxoxo_death_xoxoxo Public 307 131
Roleplaying: Dead Fantasy

Role play

Tags: Dead Fantasy, Animation, Mounty Oum, Final Fantasy, Dead or Alive

Sectus Public 56 12
Hetalia RolePlay Group

Come Rp Hetalia! or just come and chat!

Tags: Hetalia, Anime, Roleplaying, Countries, History

Technological Cat Public 315 22
Kuroshitsuji FANMADE Roleplay Group

This is a guild for me and Silver's MADE-UP Kuroshitsuji, we're a rp guild.

Tags: Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler, Manga, Anime, Roleplay

Snowerie Public 30 13
Twilight Midnight Sun

RP guild

Tags: Twilight, Walking

JadenSalling Public 79 1
Metal Gear AC!D X: Beyond The Looking Glass.

The ancient evil awakens once more deep within the blue seas...

Tags: Metal Gear, ACID, Solid Snake, Looking Glass, Boobs

jango starkiller Public 77 8
Cafe Mew Mew Redux

Community for fans of Tokyo Mew Mew and its spinoffs.

Tags: tokyo mew mew, mew mew power, magical girl, mahou shoujo

Mew Licorice Public 29 9

A club for a secret game.

Tenkai Matsumoto Private 97 12
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