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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
✯ Gaia Guild Movement ✯

Working together to make our guilds better.

Tags: Guild, Movement, Updates, Community, Support

Guild Movement Public 2,702 193
United German Military

This military is established to protect the country of Germany and to serve and help its alliances.

Tags: FxApoc Reborn, Semper Fi USMC, MEU_Grit, Military, Army

MPD_Grit Private 10 3
Robotech Expeditionary Force Jeid Public 652 64
The Liturgy Saints of Fantasy, the Parallaxus [U.C.] Undomriel Private 8 2
The Second Great War Chath Tiu Private 57 5
Nightmares War: Dark Ages [Futuristic-Postapocalyptic RPGuil Fir Firence Private 153 1
G'Sec Labs Kinnera Private 112 8
Nightmare's War: : Dark Ages [Futuristic-Post-apocalyptic]

Futuristic-Postapocalyptic survival of the human race.

Tags: Nightmare, Post-apocalyptic, Survival, Fight, Futuristic

NDLNDL Public 26 6
Marine Expeditionary Unit MEU

The Amphibious Unit for Marine Corps (MC) led by General Roach. [RECRUITING NOW]

Tags: United States, Marine Corps, Marines, Expeditionary, Unit

Infantry Lord Public 62 29
The Chronicles of Veldrant

A virtual Reality roleplaying guild.

Tags: Virtual, Battle, Game, Group, Roleplay

Nocturnus Periculum Public 30 5
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