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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
✯ Gaia Guild Movement ✯

Working together to make our guilds better.

Tags: Guild, Movement, Updates, Community, Support

Guild Movement Public 2,706 193
Robotech Expeditionary Force Jeid Public 652 64
The Liturgy Saints of Fantasy, the Parallaxus [U.C.] Undomriel Private 8 2
The Second Great War Chath Tiu Private 57 5
Nightmares War: Dark Ages [Futuristic-Postapocalyptic RPGuil Fir Firence Private 153 1
G'Sec Labs Kinnera Private 112 7
Nightmare's War: : Dark Ages [Futuristic-Post-apocalyptic]

Futuristic-Postapocalyptic survival of the human race.

Tags: Nightmare, Post-apocalyptic, Survival, Fight, Futuristic

NDLNDL Public 26 6
Marine Expeditionary Unit MEU

The Amphibious Unit for Marine Corps (MC) led by General Roach. [RECRUITING NOW]

Tags: United States, Marine Corps, Marines, Expeditionary, Unit

Infantry Lord Public 62 29
United German Military

This military is established to protect the country of Germany and to serve and help its alliances.

Tags: FxApoc Reborn, Semper Fi USMC, MEU_Grit, Military, Army

MPD_Grit Private 10 3
The Chronicles of Veldrant

A virtual Reality roleplaying guild.

Tags: Virtual, Battle, Game, Group, Roleplay

Nocturnus Periculum Public 30 5
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