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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Gaians of Washington!

Tags: Washington, Seattle, Spokane, Evergreen, Coffee

Trea Private 17,626 1,146
Kingdom Hearts~Endless Circle

A sequel to the original Kingdom hearts games. A new era begins...

Tags: kingdom, hearts, sequel, endless, circle

Nyxira Public 10,163 14
`•.¸¸.• Eνeʀgʀeeɴ Cι†y •´´¯``• [ open + accepting ]

Welcome to the new Evergreen City where you make your own story line.

Tags: City, Fantasy, Outdoors, Romance, Literate

MMXIV Public 796 23
Désir Sombre Academy

Désir Sombre is a school for the gifted of young men between the ages of 15 to 20

Tags: Yaoi, school, Love, Desires, Gifted

Vintag3z Public 636 10
Small Town Evergreen

This is a small simple town on summer vacation for the kids.

Tags: love, romance, teenagers, evergreen, roleplaying

Jokerica Private 158 21
The XFD Xoisure Public 114,436 49
The Willow Tree

Evergreen Willow's storage space for things Mini Shop related.

Tags: mini, shop, willow, tree

Evergreen Willow Private 236 1

Welcome dimensional traveler, to the Plane known as Innistrad.

Tags: Vampire, Werewolf, Zombie, Ghost, Human

Hebi-Senpai Private 850 21
The Forgotten Valley

A Forgotten Vally, where Wolves, and also other animals of the forest live. Trying to find peace, while other live in Chaos.

Tags: Wolves, Wolf, Fox, Foxes, Battle, wild chaos, animals,bird of prey,bears

cTheAngelofMusic Public 630 18
Gaian Washingtonians United

A guild for Washingtonians: Residents and At Heart

Tags: Washington State, Evergreen, Washingtonian

Shirlox Public 41 16
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