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ą ʂĭℓѵεя ℓĭɳĭɳɠ... (accepting new apps)

Roleplay, Kingdoms based off of sins and virtues... everyone is welcome to apply.

Tags: Sins, Virtues, Literate, Kingdoms, Action, Romance

The Bunit Private 11,548 27
~* Evanescence Obsessed *~

A guild for evanescence fans, no matter how obsessed. Contests going on all the time to win free gold!

Tags: Evanescence, Music, Amy Lee

evanescence obsessed Private 13,785 1,525
`~_Fields of Innocence_~` {FoI}

A semi-literate RP domain. Will you save the realm of Elaquin or lay waste to it under the name of the shadow?

Tags: Stat-Based, Battle, Level, Role Play, Fantasy

Allurian Northeborne Private 1,543 3
~Loopy Lovely Obsessions~

For the crazy, random, obsessed gaians ^^

Tags: Harry Potter, Evanescence, Vampire, Greek mythology, youtube parody

Sword of Rosalie Public 794 30

ONLY 4 Evanescence Fans

Tags: Evanescence, Metal, Rock, JuicyCoutureGal101, Linkin Park

xl PlayBoy lx Public 39 38
Untameable Fantasy

a roleplaying site where anything goes.

Tags: Fantasy, Yaoi / Yuri, My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, Odd pairings

LithiumJoker Public 82 10
The Evanescence Guild

Fans of Evanescence.

Tags: Evanescence, Amy Lee, Ben Moody

demonicbuttwipe99 Public 2 4
The Official Evanescence Fanclub

All lovers of Evanescence may come here.

Tags: evanescence, fanclub

xXsubmissive_sex_slaveXx Public 7 9
Evanescent Dalliance

Tags: angels, fallen angels, guardian angels, love, roleplay

iiMiquet Public 126 8
★ Code Boat ★

A CSS code guild made in order to keep up with layouts and notes for coding.

Tags: Coding, Code, Boat

Evanescent Shadow Private 27 3
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