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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Guardian Hollow

Medieval/Fantasy RP

Tags: Medieval, Fantasy, Elf, Dwarf, Human, Kingdom, Role Play

Vitani Raeith Private 20,812 25

Magic meets Science. How is it possible?

Tags: Fairytale, Steam Punk, Science, Magic, Role Play

Ghost_Rios Public 608 9
Acadamy of Magic (OPENED need students and teachers) angel_of_music_12298 Public 16,146 74
(Recruiting) Serindal, City of Steam

Steam Punk Role Playing

Tags: Steam Punk, World Building, Free Will, Plot, Role Playing

Rusti Fire Private 1,974 2

a world of unusual creatures, magic and weapons, alliances and betrayal, this can be a dangerous land, and yet it can be wondrous.

Tags: fantasy, magic, elf, dwarf, wars, quest, adventure, alliances, betrayal, battles,, gnomes dracons, humans, ships, death, medieval, dragons, varied races

motha fcukin steve Private 204 4
Academy of Merlin (U/C)

Under Construction - Early Opening July 2014, Official Opening September 2014

Tags: role play, fantasy, harry potter, merlin, magic

Jennalaia Private 150 26
The Scourge of Damien

A Medieval Rpg with sorcery and everything else.... Also has a Halo RPG in the back room

Tags: fantasy, role-playing, Zombies, Halo, Undead

Sareth Aluminari Public 680 9
Beneath Blue Skies Academy

A role-play guild with everything under the sun. More than just another Academy

Tags: School, University, Academy, Roleplay, Fantasy

Allsixcolours Public 1,157 16
Monsutā Academy

This is a school for monsters

Tags: Monsutā, Academy, Role Play, School, Monsters

I Awesome Rawrz Public 11 8
Land of Pyrrovia

A medieval times-type fantasy roleplay, set in a land called Pyrrovia

Tags: Roleplay, Fantasy, Magic, Friends, Love

Maxx Disorder Public 109 4
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