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All Dutch People Enter

One of the oldest and biggest Dutch Languaged Guild of Gaia. No fee, always welcome!

Tags: Dutch, Netherlands, Nederland, Belgium

kittyocean Private 146,705 1,307
Gaians of Oregon [Gaijin Schuldig] Public 2,880 254
De Hollandse Molen

Dit is een guild om te kijken hoeveel Nederlanders er op gaia zijn en om vrienden te maken.

Tags: Holland, Nederland, Dutch, Molen, Nederlanders

Dienuh Public 1,756 374
Penny In My Pocket

Miscellaneous Conversation and Contests

Tags: discussion, tektek, random, contest, free

bucketfull_Y_ofrandomness Public 3,200 15
The Brethren of the Coast

A semi-realistic pirate role play taking place during the Golden Age of Piracy

Tags: Pirate, Adventure, Ship, Sailing, Navy

Imported Bum Private 187 29
Kaffee and Kuchen

a role play guild for all experience levels

Tags: angel, demon, magic, fandom, make your own

Pastel Flora Public 26 15
The Singapore Guild Nna Public 19,252 554
Ask A Gay...The Guild

Tags: gays, lesbian, lgbt, homosexual, transgender

Rainbow Bracelets Public 7,419 126
xX-T3CHN0_43VεR-Xx ► Play ♫ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ ♫ MuSiC

Thïs ïs мч T3cHи0 Gu!LD~ It ïs älso äbout däиcïиg lïkє вrєäkdäncïиg aиd shufflє däиcïиg............... T3ChN0 43v3R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mazda_Furai Public 397 99
The Real Ku Klux Klan

White dominance

CloudyWalrus Public 19 11
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