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Golden Circle

Fun, Intelligent Role Play

Tags: Final Fantasy VII, Dissidia, Dresden Files, Final Fantasy VIII

Winter Knight Dresden Private 883 21
The Essence of Magic

A role play guild based on the Dresden Files with a touch of Supernatural.

Tags: Magic, wizards, Vampires, werewolves, Supernatural, hunters, Demons, angels, ghosts, The Dresden Files

Kaun_Angelfire Private 22 1
The Dresden Files Guild

Dedicated to the works of Jim Butcher, Dresden Files and Codex Alera

Tags: Dresden, Alera, Butcher, Magic

Shade Anam Nightsbane Public 2,180 203
The Harewood Files

An offshoot of the Dresden Files

Tags: Harry Dresden, occult, magic, modern, noir

LadyEladrin Public 778 5
Reality is over rated! Sephirothsword117 Private 1,636 56
Cover of Darkness: the Dresden Accounts

rp,goverment,conspiracies,chat ter boards,story boards,magic,evil,darkness

Tags: Roleplay

Violet_Knightrose Public 6,221 25
Dresden Files Roleplay Universe

Under construction

MightyMonkeyToe Public 8 1
Midsummer Summons

Created after the ~ Midsummer ~ Role-play based in Gaia Barton Forums. Created so that we may create, share, and enjoy the Midsummer verse.

Tags: Fantasy, Literate, Modern, Epic, Dresden Files

- Lord_Francois - Private 43 7
The Dresden Covenant

This guild is a sanctary for member who love to roleplay and who love nazis, avatar the last airbender, and the dresden files

Tags: Dresden Files, Nazis, Wiccan, Anime, Role Playing

King Lukas von Draegon Public 120 0
Stars and Stones

A dresdenverse themed rp

Tags: dresden, files, Modern, role play, magic

Vywien Public 15 2
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