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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
...[The Curio Shop]...

The Guild for The Curio Shop

Tags: Curio

Switch Gear Private 9,632 66
Rosa Mystica: A Rozen Maiden RP/chat guild

A Rozen Maiden rp and discussion guild

Tags: Rozen Maiden, role play, anime, fantasy, doll

Yue Farandole Private 248 48
Serenity A Haven for Roleplayers

This guild is for the ones who like to RP, Write, and Read. There will be other stuff but mostly that. Hope you like it :)

Tags: RPing, Writers, Readers, Anime, Drawers

Ava850 Public 31,215 77
The Evil Council of Doom

A council dedicated to evil deeds

Tags: Evil, Council, Doom, Queen, Family

XxCyanide-DreamsxX Private 30 15
The Junk Drawer

A storage guild for me and my friends

Moxxiie Private 743 20
Anime Overdose

talk about bleach, naruto, pluse meny more

Tags: anime, freinds hangout, avi art, anime of the week, Role play

Athrun_Zala21 Public 76 62
The Universal realm

This is a guild for all roleplays

Tags: Dragons, Roleplay, Universal, Guild, Realm

Dragonmaster7711 Public 6 2
AJ's Storage

Mine ! My own !

Positroneidon Private 27 4
[Supporting] and [Being] Artists

Support authors/writers, painters, drawers, singers, dancers, etc.

Tags: Support, Writers, Singers, Painters, and more

Casual Intercourse Public 2 8
`~For the love of RP~`

This guild is created for those that like a variety of Role plays.

Tags: Action, Adventure, Romance, comedy, horror

Lenore Dirage Public 2 1
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